Isn't cleaning my dryer lint filter enough?

That’s a common misconception about dryers. Cleaning the lint filter inside your dryer will prevent buildup inside your dryer, but not deep inside the dryer vents inside your walls. The combination of heat, moisture and lint forms a buildup inside the walls of the ducting, leading to restricted air flow and eventually blockage.  Additionally, structural failure and critter invasion can contribute to the need for regular system cleanings.


Why do I need to clean my chimney?

  • To ensure that the fireplace vents properly to the outdoors.

  • To prevent chimney fires.

  • To reduce or eliminate chimney odors.

  • To remove blockages that could cause dangerous carbon monoxide gases to enter your home.

  • To prevent deterioration of the chimney interior caused by acids in the deposits.


How often should my fireplace be cleaned?

Chimneys should be cleaned when accumulations of soot and creosote approach or exceed 1/4 inch. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys be inspected at least once a year and cleaned as necessary. The cleaning frequency will depend on the amount of use and the type of fuel used. 


What are Soot, Creosote and Glaze?

Soot – Primarily composed of carbon particles but may also contain ash. It’s typically black or brown. Soot can be flammable depending on how concentrated the soot-to-ash mixture is. 


Creosote – Combustible deposits in the vent system; a by-product of incomplete combustion. It’s hard and can be black or brown. These deposits in the vent system can be curly, flaky or bubbly. 


Glaze – Can form puddles or drop down and make formations that resemble black icicles, typically a shiny, tar- looking substance. It’s the densest type of wood-burning deposits and can fuel deadly chimney fires. 

When should my air ducts be cleaned?

You definitely would want to hire an air duct cleaning professional if you find the following:

  • there is permanent water damage,

  • there is slime growth,

  • there is debris that restricts airflow,

  • dust is actually seen emitting from air supply registers, or

  • offensive odors originate in the ductwork or HVAC system.

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